"Bass Tails"

    Welcome to Bass Chasers Bass Tails page. We decided to do something along the lines of Bass Jons' Latest Buzz, but wanted to be a little different. This is a fishing website, so we'll stick to "tails" instead of "tales". Enjoy and let us know on our message board or via an email how you like it. In addition if you want your bass tail posted, email us at ts_ackal@yahoo.com for Tim

Kevin Mills burns us all on Burnt Mills with a 5 for 27.64 lb sack and a 9.14 lb big bass

Cory Hamilton came in with a huge 8.69 lb mule

Lake Cohoon yields 23.02 lbs  and an 8.78 lb mule

Lake Prince and Western Branch give up some toads

On Saturday 24 Jan 2015, with temps in the 30's, rain and sleet plus brisk winds Kevin Mills and I went to Lake Prince in search of Yellow Perch. Well as fate would have it we ended up bass fishing for just a little while. I had the pleasure of landing 2 big fish with the first 7 minutes on the water. My first one went 7.36 lbs and the nest one went 5 and some change and I topped the day off with a 4 pounder or thereabouts.  In all a nice time considering how cold it was. Then on Sunday Kevin and I teamed up to win the Single Doubles event on Western Branch and I caught another nice fish that we figured was pushing 9 pounds. At the weigh in she tipped the scales at 8.36 pounds. We had 10.29 pounds with the 2nd bass. Water temps ranged from 41 to 43. I caught them in the water using artificial lures. Enjoy the pics. To see more pics you can visit me on Facebook under Tim Ackal

Lake Smith yields yet another 27 pound sack to Tim Ackal

On Wednesday Night 5 June 2013 at the Hawg Fight, Kevin Mills had phenomenal night of fishing.  He started off the night with a 6 1/2 lb bass only to have to throw it back.  Kevin's livewell broke and there was no way to fix it. Kevin being the man he is, could not hurt the fish so he threw her back and tossed in the towel on the Hawg Fight. Frustrated he stopped to tell me he was leaving early. I continued to fish and later on I saw Kevin motoring up to me.  His desire to fish had overcome his frustration. He told me that he caught several more big fish that would easily give him 3 bass for 18 or 19 pounds.  I have know Kevin for a long time and one thing is for sure, if Kevin Mills tells you he is catching a load of bass you had better believe him. He does not exaggerate and I know had he found a way to make his live well work Wednesday Night, he would have won the tournament and would have broken the Hawg Fights all time record for heaviest sack of fish. Kevin said that his best 5 fish were probably 26 or 27 pounds. That is in 3 hours or less of fishing.  And just in case any of you doubt the story, let me tell you that Kevin was pounding the fish as he said.

I went back yesterday to Lake Smith and fished for 4 hours and had one of those days where you can't do anything wrong.  The pigs were chewing all over the lake, as evidenced by my 5 bass for 27 lbs 4 ounces. Everything Kevin had said he did on Wednesday was working for me today. I can't for the life of me figure out why the fish weren't playing for me on Wednesday Night. I guess yesterday was my day of redemption. My big bass was 7 lbs 0 oun. These fish were huge, some typical Lake Smith footballs and some with huge guts. I had some bank fishermen take my pictures for me and text me the photos.

Tim Ackal & Stan Stockton 5 bass for 27.02 lbs on Lake Smith

On Sunday during the Bass Chasers Open on Lake Smith, I was able to put on a fishing clinic for Stan using an old trusted and true go to bait. It was a performance to be proud of catching 5 bass for 19.18 lbs and a 2nd Place finish. Still that 2nd Place finish was enough to mess with your psyche and it really messed with mine. Especially since I knew I had a fish on and at the boat that would have gone 4 to 5 lbs which would have bumped our total weight up 2 more pounds for a 21 lb sack. But those near misses don't count and so we had to settle for losing by 2 ounces.  Today we went back to Lake Smith and used the same bait and technique. Today Stan got his grove back on while guiding the boat instead of sitting in the back.  He paid me back for Sunday and managed to pull in an 8.39 lb toad, plus two more over 6 lns with the biggest of the 6 lbers going 6.95 lbs. We wound up with 5 bass for 27.02 lbs. It was an awesome day of fishing. This is now mine and Stan's best day of fishing Smith together. We've caught 5 for 25 in October, 3 for 19.18 on Sunday this past week and now 5 for 27.02. I think we have Lake Smith's number right now. Thanks Stan for a great day of fishing. 3/24/11


Tim and Kevin Pre-Spawn Trip 3-8-2010

Monday March 8th, 2010...a day off due to a power outage. Wasn't going fishing today, but talked myself into it. Watching Jimmy Houston Outdoors got my blood flowing and I couldn't resist. Especially after good friend Kevin Mills called and asked me where I was fishing today. So we decided to go for a couple of hours. Kevin had things to do and I really wanted to work on my boat. High today was 60 degrees, sunny, water temps was between 47 to 51 degrees on the lake and we found our fish with our favorite lure... a black n blue jig n pig. In all we caught 6 bass. Our best 5 went over 25 pounds easily. Big one was well over 7. I caught her just before leaving. BUT the fish of the day belonged to Kevin Mills. Kevin pulled off the unthinkable today. He caught a Carp on a black/blue jig n pig and yes this fish hit the jig like a bass would. When we finally landed the damn thing it was hooked in the mouth so it was no fluke. It was well over 30 pounds. Just check the pics out.

Tim with a Cobra in Morroco

Okay guys here are the pics of my cobra adventure in Morocco.  While in Morocco, I ventured over to Marrakech, Morocco to the Medina Market.  Once in the market I heard the sounds of a flute type instrument being played and knew instantly what it was.  I had to go see a Cobra show.  Well while there I naturally had to get up close to the cobra for some pics.  In the first pic is a guy with some type of snake he put around my neck. All I know is that it was poisonous and he had me hold it tight behind the head. I then asked if I could get a pic with the cobra and was actually kneeling within a foot of the cobra but you can't see it. It was amazing how tame that cobra was.  He would let you just pick him up with no problem.  Coil up in your hand as you can see how he coiled up in the handlers hand.  I got to hold it and even had it wrapped around my neck and eventually let go on my head.  You can see the pics. This cobra just sits there and the handler made him strike at him a couple of times while sitting on my head, but we didn't get that picture.  All this time I felt safe as I honestly believed the cobra didn't have fangs or venom or both. NOT!  It had fangs and venom and I felt a little stupid afterwards.  The handler said the snake is just very docile and that if it had bit me they have anti venom on scene. Yeah that's a relief!  Anyway enjoy the pics, but don't ever do this.

Jesse Munden's Citation Flounder

Jesse Munden caught this citation flounder using cut bait while drifting near the HRBT.  The fish weighed 9 pounds 15 ounces and was 28 inches long. Information was provided by Jon Guzman.  Awesome catch Jesse. Thanks for sharing with us.

Spadefish Trip

My wife and I went with a friend, Wayne Espinoza, on his big boat Friday for a Spadefish Trip.  I am sure many of you know what Spadefish are and will appreciate the size of the fish I caught.  The Virginia state record is 14 plus pounds I am told. 

Wayne was trolling around looking for the school of fish and he finally said the magic words, drop your lines.  I was using Chowder Clams and dropped my line over the side and let it fall.  Wayne told me we should be in them because his screen was lit up.  I felt a hard thump and set the hook.  Then I realized what all the hoopla about Spadefishing was about.  I fought this fish for at least 15 minutes, playing the give and take game with my 15 pound test line. After several minutes of fighting the fish other boats had begun to gather around and watch the fight. Wayne mentioned that the fish I had on must be a good one. Little did he or I know just how big it would be. At one point I just rested the rod on the side of the boat and let the fish dart around. Finally I could tell it was beginning to tire out and I began reeling him in. Wayne got the big saltwater net and waited and finally the fish came into view. Wayne gasped and said holy$@#! that's a big fish. My first Spadefish and what a way to start my Spadefishing Career. LOL I am hooked fellas. That is some fun fishing, I don't care who you are.  Granted not all fish will be the size of the one I caught, but even the smaller ones are just as fun to fight. After weighing the fish it came out to be 12 pounds 4 ounces.

Rainy Day Trip to Private Lake

Mike Crescini called me and asked if I wanted to go fishing despite the thunderstorms we were expecting to get on Sunday May 17th.  That's a no brainer for me. I'll fish no matter what, so we headed out. The rain never seemed to let up and neither did the bite. We were targeting bass and caught plenty of nice ones in the 1 to 5 pound range, more than I can remember. Mike did lose a big fish. We never saw it as it spit the crankbait out he was using. We did catch some nice crappie with the biggest going 1 pound 12 ounces and lost a couple more that were the same size and possibly bigger. They were caught on crankbaits and worms while bass fishing. I then hooked into a nice blue gill that topped the scales at 1 pound 2 ounces. I figured it was such a nice fish I'd share the pics with you.

Private lake trip

Mike Crescini and I went out to a local private lake today January 4th, 2009 for the first bass trip of 2009 and the day was slower than we had hoped for. Still we were able to catch a 3 fish 14 lb 10 ounce stringer using jerk baits. Many thanks to Mike for sharing his private lake with me and as always it was a pleasure to fish with such a great friend. The big fish went 8 lbs 10 ounces.

Speckled Trout Trip

Kevin Mills and I made a Speckled Trout Trip a couple of weeks ago and had a very successful outing. The fish in the ice chest are my half of the limit and Kevin kept the rest. All fish were caught in the mouth somewhere on a body of water. (Ha Ha)  In keeping with the tight lipped Speckled Trout Community I won't reveal where we caught them or what we used. You'll have to call and make arrangements to pay me for this information. Seriously the fishing has been good in Rudee Inlet, Lynnhaven Inlet and on the Elizabeth River. Take your pick. We used Berkley Gulps in various colors. Yes the ice chest had some citations in it.

Crappie action from Back Bay

I've been finding the crappie action on Back Bay to be as hot as the weather lately. The last 3 trips for crappie have been very productive. Kevin Mills went with me one day and we had a blast. I don't remember how many we caught that day. Kevin took some home to eat, but we were catching and releasing most. Yesterday I went by myself again and tried a new spot and found some better action than the last 2 trips. Here are some of the pics to share with you. I was using a tube jig fished about a foot deep and also a beetle spin and when I didn't have a crappie hitting my lures I had bream and white perch. It was fun!


Here are some pics of a Tigerfish. Now how would you guys like to have this toothy critter bite your senko or spinnerbait?


Back Bay Trip

On Sunday, Charley and I decided to take a trip to Back Bay after a morning of saltwater fishing on the Elizabeth River. The saltwater action just wasn't what we had hoped for, so we went to the old reliable. Sure we could have gone to the lakes, but we wanted to run the big boat. We had to head north and found some high but productive water. In all we caught 20 to 25 bass with our biggest  two being 4 pounds or so. Our best 5 would probably have gone about 12 pounds. I was very happy with that weight considering the conditions we had. Winds were out of the SW from 20 to 25 I'd say and the water was high and getting higher or so it seemed. We mostly just worked all the creeks we could find, which offered some protection from the wind. Charley probably got the best of me catching the biggest bass, but mine wasn't much smaller. It was a lot of fun.

Charley's Welcome Home Bass Fishing Trip

Well Charley had to get his casts in and so we wasted no time. The weather forecast was perfect for conditions to make a trip to Lake Joyce. It had been a while since I went to Lake Joyce and looked forward to showing Charley how good the fishing was in there. We got our permission and were off an on our way. It didn't take long for me to hook a small 2 pound bass on a jig n pig. Then Charley got in on the action and so went our day. We switched up from jigs n pigs to Spinner Baits and crank baits just to see what produced the best. Spinner baits were fun, but the lure that caught the bigger fish was the old reliable jig n pig. In all we had a really good day catching 30 or more good bass and a few small ones. Our best 5 would have gone 17 to 18 pounds. It wasn't the kind of day I expected on Lake Joyve, but Charley said it was a blast anyway. I managed to hook a nice 5 lb 11 oz bass. Had a few break off that had me gasping for a breath of air and cussing a little too. Tomorrow we head out for some speckled trout and red drum. Enjoy our pics.

Lake Whitehurst Explosion!!!

Today Mike Crescini and I decided to make a trip to Lake Whitehurst to try out his new boat and motor and especially to see how his new Lowrance X Series Fish Finder worked. Well most guys are creatures of habit and we're no different. We started out using the same old pattern fishing the coves, pounding banks etc. Mike decided to try out his new fish finder and what a surprise. We found some huge fish on humps that rose up from 20 feet to 8 and 9 feet. We graphed fish on the humps and used drop shot rigs with grubs and had a Bill Dance kind of day. Mike caught his biggest fish of the day which turned out to be 10 lbs 8 ounces. Mike then caught another fish that went 7 lbs 15 ounces. We continued looking for deep spots and tried finding humps and structure and we continued to find fish. In all our best 5 went 32 lbs 4 ounces. What a day it was! We caught roughly 40 bass today which has given me renewed faith in old Lake Whitehurst.


A day on Lake Bradford w/ Kolby Zipperer & Tim Ackal

On May 4th, 2008, I decided to make a day of it on Lake Bradford. A change of pace from the other lakes and rivers away from tournaments and big crowds. Just a quiet day on Lake Bradford for what would hopefully be a productive day. I got to the lake and worked a point I like with a spinnerbait, but had no takers. Then I worked my way into the cove and got my first hit of the day, but no hookup. I worked my way over to a nearby dock where I began speaking to a guy sitting on the dock. He was just sitting there talking on his phone and then we began to talk. As it turned out, he was new to the Navy and new to the area, just flying in from Boot Camp late last night. He didn't have any of his poles, but was eager to just jump onboard to ride around and watch me fish. Well most of you out there know I have a huge heart and so I rigged up one of my rods for him and welcomed my newfound friend, Kolby Zipperer (pronounced zipper) from Ft Myers, FL. Kolby began telling me how he is big into saltwater fishing and how he loves to bass fish as well. For anyone out there, do we have Snook here? So our day began. We worked the cove for a while and caught a nice bass and missed a couple. We fished on and picked up a nice bass here and there, until Kolby hooked into a nice one. I kept telling him how the lake was loaded with big fish. He finally believed me when I hooked into a hawg which was close to 6 pounds. We fished on and he hooked into another nice fish himself. We missed a few more too. Kolby leaves soon to go meet his command that is currently deployed, but when this young man returns in 4 months he'll be going fishing with me again. He's a huge outdoorsman. Some of you guys will want to take him with you when you see how good a fisherman he is. He loves to shoot skeet and is big into hunting so to all of my buddies out there that hunt, remember him if you're looking for a partner. It was an honor to have him on the boat with me today. What a nice kid. Oh and to his girlfriend, sorry I don't know your name, but he bragged about you despite hurrying up your phone call today. I told him to hang onto you.


J.T. Blums new record bass

J.T. Blum shared his new record bass with us. He wrote: Decided to work in the afternoon and fish my "Mystery Lake" in Va Beach. It's a private lake but has been known to hold a monster or two. Caught her on a crawdad colored creature bait. Took almost 2 minutes to get her to the boat (That's a long time in bass fishing). My second citation and first this year! She went 7 lbs 10 oz and was at least 24 inches long. She was released back out to be caught again. Thanks J.T. for sharing your fish with us. Great job!! She is a nice fish.


Here's a Back Bay Bass 8 plus pounder

I caught her two Friday's ago while pre fishing for a Back Bay Tournament. I actually caught several nice fish that day, but she was the best of the day. I released all the fish including her, but I had to run back to the house to take a pic of her. My daughter wanted to hold her before I let her go.

Geophery & Jarrod's Trip to the Maury

Geophery Mills and his roommate at VMI, Jarrod, recently made a trip to the Maury River and caught 10 Smallies and 4 Roanoke bass. They were using crankbaits in about 2 to 4 feet of water. The fish were sitting in slack water usually behind big boulders or a damn. Many thanks Geophery for sharing your trip with us. Keep sending the reports and pics and I'll keep posting them for you.

Kevin & I hit the Northwest River for some bass'n action

Kevin Mills and I hit the Northwest River for some Bass'n action. It was my first trip since coming back from Africa. I caught two bowfin and I was some excited to get anything on the end of my line. It felt good, but it was even better when I caught my only bass of the day. Kevin whipped me as usual, but it was still fun.

Mike Crescini & Kevin Mills 5 bass for 42 pound Mystery Lake Trip

I'm sorry for the late post on this trip, but I was out of country. Kevin Mills and Mike Crescini had an incredible day on the lake catching a 5 bass limit for 42 pounds with their biggest one going 10 pounds 7 ounces caught by Kevin. That is just one awesome day of fishing for anyone. I could sit here and write a story for all the ages, but pictures are worth more than any words can describe. Great job guys!!! Just click on the pic to open into a new page!

Mystery Lake Trip

Speckled Trout Trip

I made a Speckled Trout trip the other day with Stan Stockton. We started the day out bass fishing and caught some nice bass and then decided to top the day off with a speckled trout trip. We caught and released a

 bunch of fish, but did keep a few. The action was furious and the specs were nice. The bigger trout were all longer than my 22 inch gold ruler. 


More Back Bay Crappie Action

Sunaday, October 14th I decided I needed to do some work on my boat. Ended up starting my day out with a flat tire on my truck. Fixed that and then worked on my boat. What comes next? Going out and test running my boat. Figured I might as well fish while out there. The way the crappie action has been there was no sense in not sharing the action. I made a couple of phone calls trying to see if Kevin Mills, Bruce Taylor or Mike Crescini were still interested in catching some crappie. I had spoken to them yesterday at the Back Bay Bass Anglers Classic. All three were no go's. I believe Kevin fished the tournament out of Bob's. I thought for a second and remember my buddy Stan Stockton. Called him and he asked if we could bring his 9 year old daughter Riley. No problem. I love to see kids faces light up when they catch fish. Stan asked her if she wanted to go fishing and he said he didn't have the word fishing out of his mouth and she was running for her shoes.

We started out fishing the canals in Lagomar and caught a few, nothing huge, but still nice crappie. I let Riley drive the boat and she had a blast doing that. All smiles!! Finally we moved because the action was slow and I knew we could go to my hot spot and catch some bigger fish. Once there we started fishing and we did end up catching some nice slabs. It was a much slower day than I've had recently, but still a good day.

I had to pay Stan a compliment on the water. I've taken kids fishing before including my own, most of which were boys. The one thing that stood out about Riley was that she never complained. She just thoroughly enjoyed being out there especially with her dad. Stan and I would hook the fish and hand her the pole and she would reel them in. She ended up winning bragging rights for catching the biggest crappie of the day. Heck she caught them all. She is one determined fishing girl. I was worried a couple of times that she would go swimming. She kicked off her shoes and would hang her feet over the side touching the water, then she started asking the questions.... What would you do daddy if I accidentally fell in? What would you do if I tripped and fell in? and so on. I just laughed.

I've had some pretty good days on the water lately, but this one was special because it made that little girls day. She and her dad will be back onboard my boat for more trips and that's for sure. Enjoy some of the pics.


Back Bay Crappie Trip

Monday, October 8th was a day off for me and I had planned on taking Bob Bullen fishing with me in Back Bay. I got up and called Bob, but he didn't answer nor did he call me back. I waited a while and finally decided to go ahead and start heading to the launch figuring Bob would call and I'd have him meet me there. I launched at Pearls on Knotts Island and tried calling Bob again, but still no answer. It was now close to 10:40 so, I decided to make a short run and fish a little while until he called me. The bass were biting like I wanted with the high water, so I switched up for some crappie action.

I started off fishing a boat dock and my first pitch of a small tube jig resulted in a nice slab crappie. I ended up catching several nice slabs at the end of that dock and trolled down to the next dock with the same results. Finally I lost track of the time and had forgotten about Bob as he had forgotten about me. The action went on like this until 2:00 pm. I opened my livewell and it was jumping with slab crappie. I figured I had a limit and decided the action was too good not to share with Bob. So I called again and finally got him. Bob didn't have a NC License so I motored back to the launch, picked up and drove back to Mill Landing at the north end of Back Bay. We decided to go fish in Hells Point Creek.

Once again we started out for bass and ended up catching crappie. I just couldn't get enough of the way they were biting. Same as down in North Carolina. Big Slabs one after another. It was a great trip and even Bob got to haul in a few. After getting home cleaning the fish I counted 50 slabs. I had 2 gallons of fillets out of the deal which is a lot of meat. The good thing is the season is early. I look forward to more trips like that. Here are some pics of some of the slabs we caught.


Gator and Crawfish Tails

    Well my trip to Louisiana was nice. Things never change much. The crawfish are big and plentiful and so are the Gators. Here are some pics to enjoy.


Gator after Senko     Ouch He bit it             Holding him           Jimmy Houston         40 lbs of crawfish      Big Crawfish          He did pinch me      



  Pair of 12 footers    Couple of Gators        On the Prowl         Gator at Gator Farm - He's about 6 ft

Kevin Mills showing off an 8 pound 14 ounce Lake Smith bass

    On March 28, 2007 while fishing with friend Archie Pittman on Lake Smith, Kevin Mills caught this beautiful 8 pound 14 ounce hawg. I'm not sure what Kevin told me he caught her on, so you'll have to ask him. Nice fish Kevin and sorry it took me so long to get it posted.

Scouting Trip

  Charley and I decided to do a little scouting trip for the Hawg Fight on Wednesday, now that the trailer is fixed. Yeah, we finally got that raggedy old trailer fixed so you'll see Charley and I fishing the Hawg Fights together more often. We appreciate all the backseats that were offered to us while we fixed the trailer.

    We decided to start off on Lake Bradford just for a morning bite. We wanted to see if the top water bite was on, but it didn't pan out. I decided to resort to a reliable backup plan that most anglers use on Lake Smith with rain in the forecast. I pitched a 4 " Yum Dinger for the first time and saw my line moving instantly. I set the hook and there was a wake like a submarine was coming out of the water. After a few minutes of excitement, highlighted by some tail walking through lilies, I was able to guide a nice 5-11 bass to the boat. As soon as I was back in the water, instantly my line was moving. This time it was a smaller bass, but this is how the action went up until we left at around noon. All totaled we caught 8 or 9 nice bass, with the biggest weighing 5-11.

    We then shifted our attention to scouting Lake Whitehurst. It didn't take long to develop a pattern. We fished until 5:00 pm and had a better day on Whitehurst than on Lake Smith. Charley had bragging rights this time, boating a nice bass that weighed every bit as much as my 5-11 did if not more. In all we caught more bass on Whitehurst and overall they were bigger than the ones we caught on Smith. I for one can't wait until Wednesday night for the Hawg Fight. Sorry, no lures or patterns will be divulged just yet, but after the tournament on Wednesday I may offer up some info. Just know this, the bass are chewing on Whitehurst as good if not better than on Smith.

Here's some pics to remember the day by.

5 For 31

    The first bass tail, comes from Mike Crescini and I. It was Friday, 23 March 2007 and both were finally off work. The weather was absolutely beautiful. A balmy 70 degrees with partly cloudy to clear skies and a slight breeze. We decided to fish a lake that we'll refer to as Mystery Lake. I promised that I wouldn't divulge the name of this great fishery, so you'll have to live with it.

    Texas has it's Lake Amistad and Lake Fork, Mexico has it's El Salto, Florida it's Okeechobee and Kissimmee, so why shouldn't Virginia Beach have it's Mystery Lake. Mike was about as excited as a kid in a toy store before we launched the boat. He kept saying that he had a feeling this was going to be a great day. It didn't take us long to launch. I parked the truck and joined Mike in the boat. While running to our first spot, Mike said, "I think we can catch a 30 pound sack today". We both knew the potential of this lake so we agreed we would go for it.

   We agreed that to accomplish our goal, we would have to go with a big fish catching bait. When it comes to Mike Crescini and Tim Ackal, there's only one bait that should come to mind. Yep, you guessed it... a Jig and Pig. We started off on this one bank across from the launch. It was lined with rocks and had a scattering of cypress stumps and occasional stick ups here and there. We were both using 3/8 ounce jigs with trailers. We were fishing for about 5 minutes when Mike told me, "Tim I fished the left side of that stick up, you can have the right side". I pitched on the right side of the stick up that Mike had just fished and he said, "That's a fish". No sooner than my jig hit the water I felt a tremendous thump. I set the hook and the water exploded. The sound of braided line ripping through the water and the pressure the fish was putting on my rod was unreal. Finally she tired and we had a 5 pound plus head start on a 30 pound sack. We worked that bank a little farther and decided to move to a rocky bank that was wind blown. Not long after getting to our 2nd spot, Mike missed setting the hook on a good fish. He pitched back and nothing and as he reeled in his jig I saw a huge bass chasing it to the boat. I don't think Mike really believed me at the time, but he did after his next cast. A 5 1/2 pounder slammed his jig and he sunk the hook the way you have to on a jig bite. Mike Crescini is probably 5'6" and that could be stretching it, but when he set the hook on that fish he  looked as if he were 6'6". Mike sensed that the bank we were on was hot, so he quickly pitched back and had another fish on in seconds. This one was about 3 pounds. Not what we needed, but we hung on to her.

    We moved yet again to another area and it didn't pan out, so we decided to find more rocks on a wind blown bank. We pulled up to the spot and I pitched next to a submerged stump and my jig was slammed instantly. I set the hook and a 3 pound bass came flying out of the water. I boated her and was back on point fishing just past where my last one was caught. I felt a thump and set the hook and this fish was for real. I had her under control up to the point where she ran straight for the boat and dove under. My rod was bent over with the tip going in the water under the boat. I held on and guided her back out where Mike grabbed her. She was all mouth until we saw her girth. This fish looked as if she swallowed a soccer ball. She was roughly 7 pounds plus.

    The well ran dry on that bank so we moved to yet another wind blown bank with rocks and docks. Mike was pitching under a dock when I heard him say, "That's a fish". He set the hook and yelled, "Yes, Tim this is a monster". He was right as he guided her to the boat, I netted her and after getting her in the boat she was 7 1/2 plus at first guess and after looking at her and holding her she was closer to 8. Not long after that Mike set the hook on yet another nice fish. After getting her to the boat, she was 5 1/2 plus maybe 6. We then both set the hook on fish and had a double going. These 2 fish were about 2 pounds each. We decided to move again.

    Not long after, I was tied into another 5 1/2 pound plus fish. Mike answered that with one about 5 pounds plus. Mike then caught one more at 2 or 3 pounds. That made a dozen bass for us in just a few short hours on the water. Our digital scale wasn't working so we motored over to an angler on the lake who happened to have one and we used it. It was a hand held, so we put our best 5 fish in the weigh in bag and hung the bag from the digital hand held scale. It read 28 plus pounds. Not satisfied that we didn't have 30 pounds we continued to fish. I caught one more 3 pounder and we decided to take some pictures and do some measuring since we didn't think we had a very accurate hand held scale. After computing the best 5 recorded measurements we had a best 5 fish sack for 31 pounds give or take a few ounces..

    What a day on the lake! We were culling 5 pound fish. I guess we hit it at the right time and threw what they wanted. This was one exciting day of fishing. Many thanks to Mike Crescini for sharing his boat that day and taking me along. This will be one of those days I'll never forget.

    Please take a look at our fish and just so you all know, they were released safely back in the water to fight again another day.